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A trusted advisor. Rohit is very responsive and was attuned to the details of our law firm practice. He is very honest, kind, and ethical. We are grateful to have worked with Rohit and Kalra CPA & Associates, and have no hesitation to recommend him and his practice as a CPA and tax advisor in the DC Metro area who can be trusted.
Founding Partner at Boutique International Law Firm
Washington D.C.
After interviewing a few Accounting firms, I knew after I spoke to Rohit that he would be perfect for our small businesses. He was professional, honest, and he knows accounting from A-Z. We also retained him to represent us for an IRS Audit spanning over a two year time period, and I’m so glad we did. He gave us the highest level of service, his attention to detail is unmatched and he made sure we were completely satisfied with the end result! We are so relieved and glad we found such a wonderful CPA! We look forward to making sure our bookkeeping is done correctly and accurately for years to come! If you are looking for the BEST CPA in Northern Va, DMV, look no further he is the one!
Fort Washington, MD
It was a long, arduous process getting me back on track, but Rohit was there every step of the way with help and guidance. He was patient throughout the entire process - start to finish - and always took the time to explain any next steps in detail and to make sure I understood everything being done. I had quite a mess to cleanup and he methodically worked through it with me to completion to obtain the desired result. I would highly recommend Rohit to anyone I know that's in need of the tax services he provides. He's a consummate professional and extremely good at what he does. It was a very streamlined process overall - I was the only issue in the equation.
Woodbridge, Virginia
Rohit has been a great professional, a friend and helped us from get go. He has helped us to create an accounting system which works for us and saved us from a lot of headache. He is always willing to give an expert advice not only on tax perspective, but also to enhance business decisions and on overall growth of business. We respect his opinions/suggestions and overall he is a great human being."
Arlington, Virginia
Rohit has been my personal and business specialist for years. We began our relationship discussing how to establish a tax base for my newly-acquired business. From that point on I knew I had found someone I could trust with, not only my business, but my personal finances, as well. Rohit is exceptionally adept at tax and financial situations no matter how complex. If he does not know something, he takes the time to do thorough research on the topic. I could not recommend anyone higher to manage your finances than Rohit. He is trust-worthy, intelligent, and a good friend. You would be doing yourself a great service by consulting with Rohit on all matters financial."
Alexandria, Virginia
I was completely overwhelmed, the IRS was threatening me and I didn’t know what to do. I found myself in a very difficult financial situation with them, they were demanding 80k plus in tax, penalties and interest. The issues were completely overwhelming. All the sleepless nights and worry some days. I couldn’t imagine anyone being able to help resolve the problems. My sister talked about how great her CPA was and that he could handle my issues. I sent everything to him. He spent a lot of time working with me on the issues. In the end the resolution was a settlement for $100.00 I could not believe it! Rohit Kalra is so incredibly skilled that he was able to settle my case with the IRS for $100.00!"
Dallas, GA
Kalra CPA does an outstanding job of professional representation with the IRS. I would recommend Rohit Kalra to anyone facing tax difficulties or an audit without reservation. Having had a stroke, more stress was something I did not need. IRS Audits are inherently stressful, but Rohit Kalra made the entire audit experience much less stressful by giving my case immediate attention, keeping me constantly informed, always being readily available, and quickly determining that even in the worst case scenario my financial exposure was something I could handle.

As a pastor of a large church who had to retire because of a stroke, facing an IRS audit knowing that many areas of ministerial tax law fall in the "gray" area with conflicting court rulings--the whole thought of an audit, and then possibly having to face protracted legal action was extremely stressful. My doctors recommended that I find the best possible representation to reduce the stress as much as possible as quickly as possible. One of my high net worth church members consulted their CPA and Rohit Kalra was their recommendation. Selecting Mr. Kalra to represent me was the best decision I could have made. He immediately contacted me, assured me he would make the entire process as stress-free as possible. He delivered on that promise. He was very professional, supportive, informative, helpful, and reassuring. He researched thoroughly ministerial tax regulations and law. He was readily available for questions and was careful to "cover all the bases". Mr. Kalra's preparation for the audit meeting was comprehensive and, as a result, he was able to resolve the issue quickly. He not only saved me a lot of money, but also more importantly in my case a lot of worry and stress that could have led to another stroke. I highly recommend Rohit Kalra to anyone, whatever their income level or profession, if they need help with the IRS and our difficult tax code."
Rev. Alan
Absolutely outstanding job. Extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, always concerned and willing to go the extra mile to get results- I could not have found a better tax team to work with. Kalra CPA actually saved my entire retirement investments from the IRS. I had fallen behind paying my Federal Taxes and the IRS took everything I had saved during my lifetime. I was deployed overseas at the time and resolution of tax issues was very challenging. After contacting the Kalra CPA team- they immediately got involved and presented me with a clear and detailed "way ahead". They went back ten (10) years, did all of the research, tracked down all of the required information and even acted as the mediator with the IRS. Contact in the Middle East is very challenging at times but the Kalra CPA team would not rest until every issue was resolved to my satisfaction. Always positive, always working for resolution of all issues, no matter how small- I could not be happier with the results. Every dollar the IRS took from my accounts was returned to me with interest- simply unbelievable. I am retired military and have worked with numerous organizations throughout the world- the Kalra CPA organization is the best and I consider myself very lucky!"
Kalra CPA & Associates has been absolutely the best choice for us. Rohit has been fantastic. I will admit I didn't expect the results we received. They assisted a family member with a messy tax situation. Nothing seemed to be going right UNTIL Rohit stepped in. He was able to manage the situation in a professional manner and somehow get the penalties dismissed for multiple years. I didn't even know that was possible. His firm was fantastic and not sure what we would have done without them. The matter they handled for a disabled family member took great stress off of her and us. Her health was in decline and the stress of the IRS dealings was getting to be too much. There was a point where we didn't know what to do about either the health or tax situation. Rohit stepped into the mess without even blinking and allowed us to focus on her health. He handled the family member with great sensitivity and for that we will always be grateful. On the tax side he was able to greatly reduce the amount owed. The reduction in the tax bill was fantastic but it was the way he worked with us that we valued the most."
Annandale, Virginia
There are not enough words to properly thank you for your time and efforts concerning my tax issue for 2010, 2011, 2012. I know you worked on my case with the IRS over a period of several months. Your services have saved us more than $80,000.00 and I can’t believe it. This is like a dream to me but all the credit goes to your firm Rohit. Your services are outstanding and I truly appreciate your professionalism and abilities. You aren’t just a CPA, you’re a ‘business partner’ with your clients. I also thank your firm for the advice and the education you gave me which is going to help me going forward in my business. I look forward to telling everyone what a wonderful job you did. God Bless Your Firm!"
A Satisfied Client
Working with Rohit and his team has been a great experience for our entire Company. For the better part of a decade, Rohit has allowed us to focus on the core competencies of our underlying business while making sure our accounting, tax, and reporting activities remain in solid shape. In addition, Rohit’s team has seamlessly managed arising complications associated with our business’s operations with entities and staff in multiple tax jurisdictions. Even during a period where our firm had to address fairly complicated issues relating to back-taxes in multiple states, Rohit’s team was able to manage this process for us, which in turn allowed us to continue to focus on our revenue generating business activities. More so, our company has successfully operated without the need for any type of audit. Our successful relationship with Rohit and his team has helped create an environment where our company has been able to grow; we were recently recognized as one of the Inc. 500 fastest growing private businesses in America. Thanks Rohit!"
Fairfax, Virginia
Excellent! I would gladly recommend your services to a friend or colleague without any hesitation. Thank you for your help. Rohit's use of technology made the process really easy, sharing a screen, central repository for electronic documents, etc. A big thank you to Rohit for all the tax help. He is a tax subject matter expert and very calming 🙂 when talking about tax problems. I appreciate all the work you did for me helping me sort out my situation. Thank you again for all your help."
New York, NY
Rohit vigorously advocated for my tax situation and delivered a successful outcome. Rohit was very attentive and responsive, making me feel as if I was his only client; truly, an outstanding measure of customer service. I am grateful and thankful for the successful outcome in my tax situation. Rohit delivered on all points and he is to be commended for it. Rohit, thank you so much for all the personal attention you gave to me and my case, your level of service is 5 stars in my book and I wish there were more people like you with the level of dedication, commitment, and desire to do their best for their clients. God bless you!"
Fairfax, VA
You are the man. Thanks a lot. I wish my web guy was as proactive as you."
A Happy Client
After an unsuccessful initial IRS audit, I began calling and meeting with tax attorneys and tax CPAs to support an appeal. During the selection process it became clear that there were few “experts” in the nuances of passive loss limitations, rental period length and material participation in regard to rental property. Rohit impressed me as a qualified individual that would apply the time and research necessary for an appeal case. Additionally I appreciated his “pay as you go” business model with incremental client $ commitments based on the appeal process. The end result was a “No Change” IRS audit appeal letter stating that there was no deficiency in the two years audited, no overassessment warranted and no refiling or further action required. I am an extremely satisfied client."
Burke, Virginia
My experience was excellent. Mr. Kalra was very thorough and clearly informed me of my options at every stage. If I failed to keep in touch, Mr. Kalra was persistent about ensuring I followed through. If it were not for his persistence, my taxes would still be a mess. I had a few years of unresolved tax matters and I plan to purchase a house soon. These issues could have hindered my ability to purchase a house. Mr. Kalra is clearly risk-averse so I do not have any concerns that my tax-related issues have all been resolved. I am very relieved to have these issues no longer hanging over my head and I will easily be able to file my taxes on my own next year.
Alexandria, Virginia
I am very happy with the services I received from Kalra CPA. I had a complicated employer payroll tax issue with the IRS that needed to be addressed quickly, and hiring Rohit Kalra was the best thing I ever did. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. He thoroughly explained pertinent IRS policies and procedures, and clearly described all possible resolutions to our case. He worked diligently and aggressively to help our small company work out an acceptable payment agreement with the IRS. I am relieved to have a resolution with the IRS, and I don’t believe anyone else could have handled our case more efficiently or professionally. Rohit Kalra is a highly reliable and ethical tax expert, and I highly recommend him."
Warrenton, Virginia
Many thanks for not only your help but your positive influence."
A Very Happy Client
I am extremely grateful to Rohit and his team at Kalra CPA for undertaking the task of correcting over a decade of IRS tax issues. Rohit's consultative approach and expertise in IRS resolutions calmed my own nerves, as he took over the extended process of bringing into compliance tax filings more than a decade in arrears due to extensive overseas work. His diligence over two years of efforts paid off with a savings of over $100,000 versus the original amounts presented by the IRS.The team at Kalra CPA provides reliable, consistent, personable service. They're reachable around the clock - though I'm sure Rohit does sleep occasionally - always willing to spend the time to walk through complex issues in a comprehensive manner. Not only have they organized a nearly impossible client, and resolved my past issues, but they've added immeasurable improvement to my ongoing and future business/tax planning. I'm a client for life!"
Mt. Vernon, Virginia
I was in the process of closing out a business and found out that we had some "unknown” tax obligations. I began a search for a CPA Firm that could help us respond to a host of letters from the IRS. It was a matter of time, and we would be involved in an IRS Tax Audit. We needed someone to help us through the complexities of an IRS business tax audit. After contacting various Firms, I found Kalra CPA & Associates via a mail out campaign. I contacted them immediately and met with Rohit and found him to be very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and attentive. The Kalra team offered me the best value for the cost and quality of the services I needed and the effort required minimal face to face visits. Most of the work is via electronic transmission and state-of-the-art security protection. Even though we have some challenging tax problems; Kalra has put my mind at ease and we are working our way through a complex set of tax challenges. Working with Rohit is enabling us to close the IRS audit with thousands of dollars in savings. In addition, Kalra’s services includes a tutorial and instructional services on QuickBooks Pro enabling me to download my accounting data and work interchangeably with Kalra CPA & Associates and Kalra CPA continues to provide me with prompt and professional services. Selecting Kalra CPA & Associates for my small business has brought me peace of mind. If you own a small business and are looking for a CPA Firm that can provide you with quality services at a reasonable price, I would without hesitation recommend Kalra CPA & Associates."
Dr. Anthony
Springfield, Virginia
Once our business received papers notifying us that we were being audited I began calling CPA firms to help us through the process. After many calls I found much relief when I spoke with Rohit Kalra with Kalra CPA & Associates. Rohit walked us through the whole process easing the stress and at the end of the audit Rohit saved us over $50,000. As a satisfied client we now will be using Kalra CPA for all of our accounting and tax needs. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, reliable CPA firm, Kalra CPA & Associates is it! I cannot thank Rohit enough for all of his help throughout this incredibly stressful time in our lives. To say I am a satisfied client would be an understatement."
Business Owners
Marshall, Virginia
Thanks! I can always count on you for excellent service."
A Satisfied Client
After several years serving as a caregiver for both elderly parents and experiencing life-threatening medical issues myself, I had to face a serious disorganization with my finances and tax accounting. I sought professional help from Rohit Kalra and am deeply grateful for his assistance in reconstructing and correcting all my issues. Mr. Kalra is extremely skilled in communications and can speak to any topic with a client to educate them on the issue, the recommended solution and the plan for execution. Mr. Kalra possesses three of the most important qualities in professional service today -- knowledgeable, experienced, professional. Mr. Kalra took my issues seriously but with sensitivity to the human factor related to the reason for neglect of my own recordkeeping practices. My financial challenges with the IRS were successfully resolved and well-documented. My professional experience with Mr. Kalra was extremely positive and I highly recommend his services."
We have been working with Rohit for many years and can’t speak highly enough of his work and business ethic. He is not just an incredibly thorough, patient, and detail-oriented CPA. He is also your partner in a sense, always keeping your business’ best interests at heart and providing you with advice in line with your goals. Rohit has been an invaluable part of our growth through the years and we know he will continue to be there every step of the way!"
Business Owners
Arlington, Virginia
I was in urgent need of a CPA Firm that could help me navigate through the complexities of an IRS business tax audit. After contacting various Firms, I found Kalra CPA & Associates on the Internet. I met with Rohit and found him to be very knowledgeable and attentive. Kalra offered me the best value for the cost and quality of the services I needed. Since I first met with Rohit, I was able to close the IRS audit with thousands of dollars in savings. In addition, I expanded Kalra’s services to include accounting for my small business. Kalra CPA continues to provide me with prompt and professional services. I am glad I chose Kalra CPA & Associates for my small business. If you own a small business and are looking for a CPA Firm that can provide you with quality services at a reasonable price, then look no further than Kalra CPA & Associates."
Burke, Virginia
I was first referred to Kalra CPA by a mutual contact. I appreciate that Kalra CPA has taken an extremely proactive interest in my business and financial affairs. Most of all, I am impressed with the quality of service I have received and the responsiveness of the firm. I have never had to wait more than 24 hours to get my questions answered. Even before I became a client, Rohit was helpful and accessible and sincere in his desire to bring positive change and tax savings to my business. I would highly recommend Kalra CPA & Associates to other business owners."
Business Owners
Centreville, Virginia
I really appreciate how you do your business consulting. I have great confidence in how you put your customers first and how the business value you create is very apparent to your customers."
A Happy Client
Phenomenal customer service! After briefly explaining my predicament during a phone consult, Rohit quickly identified and diagnosed the source of a nearly $1 Million dollar audit adjustment and outlined the necessary steps to resolve the issue. His immediate response (hours, not days) and resolution of my issue are a true testament to his expertise and commitment to his client. Thank you!"
Fairfax, Virginia
Rohit has been a pleasure to work with and I greatly value his service and expertise. He's knowledgeable, professional, and willing to go the extra mile to take care of you and your business. If you're looking for a CPA with experience and great customer service, then look no further than Rohit. He's the man for the job."
Alexandria, Virginia
I first contacted Kalra CPA when I found the firm on the Internet. I met with Rohit and found him to be very knowledgeable and diligent. Looking back, I can see I made a wise decision when I chose Kalra CPA as my CPA firm. I have received a very high quality of service at a reasonable price. They have always provided very prompt and professional services. I appreciate their attention to my families' needs and how flexible and proactive they have been. Thank you!"
Silver Spring, Maryland
Kalra CPA & Associates prepared my rather complex taxes and provided expert advice. Mr. Rohit Kalra provided a personal and professional touch and took the time to understand my needs as a client. I look forward to a continued relationship with Kalra CPA & Associates for my personal and business tax and accounting needs. I would highly recommend Kalra CPA & Associates."
Business Owners
Washington, D.C.
When I decided to bring in an expert to handle my accounting I knew that my good friend Rohit Kalra was the man to go with. In addition to being a man with the utmost integrity he is willing to do the research and hard work to ensure your finances are handled with the utmost care. You are in great hands with him and I cannot recommend him highly enough."
Las Vegas, NV